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Murray woodcraft is a small craft business run from a home workshop based outside Kildalkey, Co. Meath. My focus is on the production of handcrafted kitchen and gift items. Some items are made in small batches but the majority of pieces are one-offs, I aim to never make the exact same design twice (unless you really want it) but every piece will have unique quirks and I try to respect the grain and patterns of the wood. Wherever possible I try to gather up pieces, even scraps, of exotic timbers and try to find ways to integrate these into my designs. My interest and passion for woodwork and design stems from the early skills I learned with my dad as a kid in his workshop followed by a career in engineering. I hope as my children grow, that they share my skills and my enjoyment of creative work and join me in creating unique pieces.

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"Woodworking minus patience equals firewood."

Author unknown