Kveik rings or kveikstokk are a traditional and hand crafted accessory for use in brewing with compatible yeasts. The ring is dragged through the fermenting beer or mead and allowed to dry. During the next brew, dunk the ring to allow the dried yeast to reactivate.

These rings are made to traditional standards and dimensions. If you are looking for larger sizes feel free to send a message via the contact form and we can make them as alrge as is required. They are available in foodsafe beech or birch wood so they can go straight into your next brew. If you aren't a brewer or don't typically work with compatible yeasts, kveik rings also make beautiful wall art for a brew or tap room, they also make an interesting art piece for a bar or for someone with an interest in beer.


After making my first kveik ring in April 2020, I was struck both by its beauty and potential. As each peg was a copy I saw the oportunity to make a truely unique project. I got in contact with friends and makers all over the world, mostly via Makers Playground. They rowed in behind me and sent samples of local woods, some of which I have never heard of before, the small samples I received are likely to be the only piece I ever see. The result was the wonderfully unique and stunning kveik ring, 63 different species ranging from garden variety local species like beech, apple, oak etc to wild exotics like rose woods, red, yellow and purple heart, cocobolo, ebony and many more. It was a treat to build though it took a long time, I have notes taken on each species recording how it machined, sanded, cut with the chisel and mostly my best description of the smell! This is one of my proudest projects, forever unique and beautiful.