Kveik Ring

Kveik Ring

SKU: 00049

This is a Kveik or brewers yeast ring. They are used to maintin yeast between brews. These are both useful and beautiful pieces to have as either a tool or as a wall hanger. These are made to order so you may request your material type, they can also be made larger (email for pricing). The standard Kveik ring is approx 30cm (12 inches) in diameter.

  • Delivery options

    Due to restrictions during Covid-19: orders to the USA & Canada, the Kveik ring will be shipped as a kit, this will include the required number of pegs to assemble your ring to the desired size along with some spares to cover breakage in transit or to replace any pegs that may split during use over time.

    For all other regions, you may specify a kit at the time of order in the order instructions if you fancy the challenge of the assembly.